1. The customer shall not place any prohibitive materials directly or indirectly into the Skip bin. Prohibited materials include:

  • Batteries, gas cylinders or liquids i.e., paints, oils, chemicals, solvents, acids
  • Any explosive materials or substances which create explosive materials
  • Asbestos
  • Biological waste materials

2. The customer will pay all additional charges incurred for excess loading fees, prohibitive materials, special tipping fees and additional costs imposed by the recycling centre or waste station.

2. The customer agrees to use the supplied skip bin in a reasonable manner and will bear responsibility for all damage, loss, or destruction to the Skip Bin (subject to fair wear and tear) whilst the bin is in their care.

3. The skip bin cannot be relocated or moved from the position delivered.

4. Reasonable access to the site address to ensure the skip bin can be delivered and collected freely is the responsibility of the customer.

5. The customer shall not burn waste materials or light fires in the skip bin.

6. The customer is responsible for all necessary approvals and permits from local government authorities, third parties or body corporates for the delivery of the skip bin.

7. The customer will assume liability and responsibility for materials placed in the skip bin by any person whatsoever (including persons not authorised by the customer).

8. If a skip bin is in a public place, it is the customer’s responsibility to cover the bin to avoid waste materials being removed or carried out of the bin.

9.Overloaded bins are not able to be safely transported as heavy fines apply. The customer will not excessively fill the skip bin whereby the waste materials protrude higher than the top of the skip bin or does not fully fit within the confines of the bin.

10. The customer will advise the driver of any hazards, pipes, or underground services prior to placing the skip bin on site.

11. The customer acknowledges and agrees that legal title of the skip bin does not pass to the customer at any time.

12. The customer will assume all liability and responsibility for the delivered Skip Bin in the event it is delivered on the footpath, road, laneway, public or private property.