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Essential Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Skip Bin

The best option to dispose of rubbish and debris from building sites and residential areas is to hire a skip bin. Carrying rubbish such as overflowing bins or big bags to the landfill might be difficult; thus, contacting skip bin hiring providers is critical.

Skip bins are in high demand since they are inexpensive and come in various sizes. It is critical to hire a skip bin appropriate for your needs. However, identifying such requirements might be challenging.

Before anything, it’s crucial to review these four crucial factors before hiring a skip bin. Read on!

1. What kind of waste do I have?

When hiring a skip bin, your first consideration should be the type of rubbish you intend to fill it with. As different forms of garbage have different rules, the cost to dispose of your waste will fluctuate based on the project. Furthermore, bins are designed differently depending on the sort of waste — you don’t want to be trapped with an overflowing bin that is difficult to remove from your property.

Sticking to a budget will undoubtedly be a significant issue for your project; therefore, identifying your rubbish is the most crucial aspect.

When ordering your bin, you must have the correct information to guarantee that your quotation is accurate. If you start the task and discover that the waste is not what you expected, you might wind up with a high and unexpected fee.

Here are some pointers to help you get there.

Are you renovating? There might be an extensive range of materials in this scenario. Will these materials be cumbersome? In this instance, you would almost certainly want a Mixed Material Waste container.

Are you doing any landscaping? Is it necessary to just dispose of one sort of material? In this instance, you may just require a Clean Waste Bin built for a singular waste type.

2. What size of Skip Bin do I require?

After settling on which expert firm to choose, you must estimate the number of waste bins you will want. Skip bins exist in various sizes, including but not limited to 2m3, 3m3, 4m3, 6m3 and 8m3, making it tough to choose. To reduce the possibility of the skip bin overflowing with waste, it is best to hire a bigger skip bin. Before hiring a skip bin, make sure you measure the space where you intend to place it. Asking your local skip bin provider for assistance might also be beneficial.

3. Will a Skip Bin/Placement need a Permit?

The laws governing skip bins vary depending on where you live. Consult your local council for any property-specific regulations.

If the bin must be put on a footpath, pedestrian access must be maintained, and a council permit may be necessary.


Choosing the perfect company to assist you with your skip bin needs should be easy. The key is to look at your project as a whole and plan accordingly. Skips also come in various sizes, so comprehensive planning and consideration should be the first step.

If you are looking to hire skip bin services on the Sunshine Coast, look no further than our expertise here at Skip Bin Solutions. We are a family-owned business practising environmental recycling and responsible waste disposal with our various services. Call us today and allow us to dispose of all your unnecessary items before the day of your move.

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