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8 Notable Do’s and Don’t s with Skip Bin Placement

Skip bins on the Sunshine Coast can be pretty handy to have, as you can throw out any rubbish that you need to get rid of. Whether it’s a renovation situation or just a home cleanup that you’re trying to handle, hiring these skips for your home can be quite handy.

There are many do’s and don’ts to keep in mind regarding skip bin placement to get the most out of your hired service. Here are some of the more notable ones that you should adhere to:

1) Do Get Overhead Clearance 

If you plan to place the quantity of rubbish you are disposing of in the bin, get the proper overhead clearance for the placement. If you do not, then the container might not be able to be placed in the appropriate area. Take this into account and find an alternative site when needed.

2) Don’t Block the Street

When you place a skip bin for use, make sure that the area you are putting it in is not blocking the street. This can cause a lot of issues, especially regarding approval. Ensure that the skip bin is placed in an area that is not blocking the street or anything else.

3) Do Elevate the Bin

Homeowners are recommended to elevate their skip bin. This move will make it look more professional and less like rubbish is being thrown out. Ensure that you get a skip sized right for the rubbish you need to be removed.

4) Don’t Make the Bin Inaccessible

When placing the skip bin, it’s not good for it to be inaccessible or interfere with any utilities. This includes blocking them or placing items that would be in their way. If the bins are blocked, they’d be rendered useless, out of order or need to be moved.

5) Do Have a Path for the Delivery Truck

In addition to making sure that the bin is not blocking anything, you also want to ensure that there’s enough room for the truck to deliver the item. If not, you may need to move it at the last minute, which can cause many issues.

6) Don’t Singlehandedly Move the Bin

Generally, it’s ideal to ensure that you do not move or place the bin by yourself. It can be difficult, especially if you have a sizable and heavy bin. Call your hired services to do the job when there’s not enough help.

7) Do Place the Bin in Your Property

When placing the bin for use, you must ensure that it’s within your private property, away from the general public. If it’s set in the wrong position, there can be legal issues, so correspond with the hired company.

8) Don’t Invade Your Neighbours’ Property

As emphasised above, make sure that the skip bin is only on your property. It is not okay to place it on your neighbour’s property, as it is their private property, and you are invading it without their permission. Be intentional and mindful of the boundaries.


Skip bins can be great if you’re trying to make some serious changes to your house. As long as you’re aware of the do’s and don’ts with placing them, you can make sure that you can get the most out of the service.

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