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How to Choose the Right Skip Bin Size for Your Rubbish

When you have a renovation project, you’ll most likely find yourself with a lot of rubbish at the end. Now, it can be difficult to lug that rubbish on your truck in several batches, especially when it’s a big project. Luckily, hiring a skip bin is an excellent solution for renovation cleanup.

Now comes the question of what size of skip bin you’ll need. Typically, skip bins can range from two to 31 cubic metres. To give you an idea of how much can fit in one cubic metre, a regular armchair would be around one half to one cubic metre. Exploring this further, here is a simple guide to the different skip bin sizes and what can fit inside them. NB: Please refer to our sizing chart for accurate dimensions. All other references are merely a guide.

2 Cubic Metres

The smallest skip bin size is two cubic metres. A two-seater sofa or the contents of eight wheelie bins would be around this size to paint a picture. 

3 Cubic Metres

A three cubic metre skip bin is often a budget-friendly option for minor cleanups. Our skip bins from this size up are available with doors which fold down to make a ramp into the skip to make loading easier.

4 Cubic Metres

If you need a skip bin for a minor renovation cleanup, four cubic metres will often suffice. It can fit the contents of approximately 16 wheelie bins.

6 Cubic Metres

From small skip bins, we now go into the first medium-sized one. Six cubic metres is often the go-to for builders, as it is a cheap option for medium renovation cleanup. It can fit roughly 24 wheelie bins or six standard box trailers.

8 Cubic Metres

This medium-sized skip bin can fit the capacity of 32 wheelie bins. It’s most often used for green waste removal, garage decluttering and other large-scale cleanups.


Final Thoughts

Choosing the correct skip bin size for your rubbish is crucial to maximising the space you need. Getting one that is too big would be a waste, but hiring one too small can push you to spend extra cash. Figure out the correct estimate for your renovation cleanup, and get the skip bin size most appropriate for that volume of rubbish. Please keep in mind that if you require more than 8 cubic metres, we can provide you with multiple skip bins.

If you require a commercial rubbish removal service on the Sunshine Coast, you can turn to Skip Bin Solutions. We are a family-owned business that aims to provide a reliable, prompt and efficient rubbish removal service for residential and commercial customers. Contact us today to get started! 

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