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What Is Next for the Rubbish You Throw in Skip Bins?

What happens to skip bins after throwing waste in them? What is the process for sorting? These are probably some of the questions running through your mind when hiring a skip bin. 

The simple answer is you can sort rubbish in a variety of ways. Many people assume that it is usually disposed of in landfills. However, waste goes through a wide range of processes, and knowing where some items go after being dumped in a landfill may surprise many individuals. 

In this article, you will learn where waste in skip bins go and what you can do to contribute to this effective waste management. Read on. 

The Key Benefits of Skip Bins

Most people feel they are merely paying for the convenience of a huge bin and the drop-off and pickup of the bin when they hire a skip bin. When you choose to dispose of your rubbish using a skip bin, you get a lot more than that. 

Most skip bin services have a well-curated sorting system that allows them to dispose of everything they need to throw away while also observing environmentally friendly practices. Waste disposal and garbage collection are becoming a top priority in today’s world for the comfort of property owners and the protection of the environment.

Typically, contents from your skip bin are transferred to a sorting station and labelled according to their waste type. Skip bin services classify them based on material, size, contents, and weight to guarantee that wastes from skip bins are properly disposed of.

Where Do Recyclables Go?

Recyclable materials include paper, plastic, metal, and glass. After being processed, they will be shipped to other sites to be recycled into new items, including bottles, glassware, and cardboard boxes. 

You will be shocked at how much can be recycled from your everyday wastes. The goal of sending your rubbish to a sorting facility is to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills as much as possible.

Best Skip Bin Practices

Even if you are not expected to help sort the rubbish, you make it easier for companies to ensure that everything is taken to the proper spot and not harm the environment. Given this, we recommend double-checking where you are throwing your rubbish and segregating accordingly. 

The most common classifications include green garbage, construction materials, domestic rubbish, electronics, and white goods.

A few examples of items you should never dispose of in a skip bin are:

  • Asbestos
  • Batteries 
  • Chemicals
  • Contaminated soil
  • Flammable substances 
  • Hazardous materials
  • Leftover food
  • Paint 


You may be given varying fees by skip providers for your location and skip bin needs. Always ensure your rubbish is collected and sorted according to its size and weight. Your garbage will then be transported to a final destination, where it will be further recycled or disposed of. Hiring skip bins is a great way to maintain hygiene on your property and preserve the environment. 

If you need skip bins in Sunshine Coast, turn to Skip Bin Solutions. We are a family-owned business committed to environmental recycling and responsible waste disposal. Call us today!

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