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Tips to Help with Responsible Disposal of Garden Rubbish

Landfills take a wide variety of rubbish each week. One of these is organic waste like food scraps and grass. Animal and plant-based waste and degradable carbon, such as wood, can all fall into this category.

Because of the vast volume of organic waste disposed of in landfills weekly, all families must discover better ways for waste disposal. 

Responsible waste management and disposal are simple to implement, and each family member may help ensure that this is done correctly. They might begin by identifying long-term solutions for their garden waste.

In this article, we will run you through how you can dispose of your green waste in an environmentally friendly manner.


Green waste and mixed general trash are the two kinds of garden waste. Grass, leaves, tiny twigs, and leaves are examples of green waste. 

Plastic and paper bags from gardening stores, lawn furniture, bricks, plant pots, dirt, and hand branches are all examples of mixed general waste. 

Although nearly all of these goods may be recycled, green garbage collection costs at least half as much per load as ordinary mixed rubbish disposal. 

It’s essential to sort your rubbish into two heaps and inform your trash pickup service, as many firms give discounts for green garbage.

This step is also helpful if you are getting a green waste bin hire. Once you have segregated your garden waste, the bin hire company can dispose of the rubbish in an environment-friendly manner.

Start a Compost

Rather than having dead leaves removed and thrown in the landfills, you can compost them. Recycling grass clippings might also help you save money on lawn clipping removal. Just leave grass clippings on the lawn after mowing to return critical nutrients to the soil. 

This method also aids in the retention of moisture in the soil, minimising the number of times you must mow and the time it takes to do so. When mowing, simply trim the top third of the grass blade.

Use Them as Mulch

Grass clippings can also be used as mulch. Woody waste like wood chips can also be utilised. However, you can’t just throw the new mound of chips on your yard or vegetable bed. Because tree clippings are so high in carbon, they will alter the soil’s nitrogen balance if used as-is. 

Mix the new wood chips with a nitrogen-rich substance like leaves or blood meal and let the pile sit to establish the proper carbon/nitrogen ratio. 

This combination can be used right away, but the most nutritious mulch is made from chips that have been somewhat decomposed for six to eight months.


Making the right decisions about your garden waste can have a significant impact on the environment’s health. Green waste can be transformed into valuable mulch and compost.

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