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Things You Can’t Put in a Skip Bin & What You Can Do With Them

Bin it and bin it right! From broken glass to contaminated electronics, there are several items that you cannot place in your rubbish removal skip bin. You should also find out how much you are permitted to fill the skip bin so that you don’t overload the skip. Here are some disallowed items in your skip bin you need to be aware of:


Asbestos is dangerous, and it can cause significant health issues. Therefore, it isn’t allowed in a skip bin, and it can’t be taken to just any tip. If you have asbestos to dispose of, you can hire a licensed asbestos contractor instead. You can find them by checking the Demolition and Asbestos Industry Association (QLD).

Foods & Liquids

Foods are classified as domestic household waste. Therefore, your regular household waste must not be placed in a skip bin. On the other hand, liquids that are dangerous require a license as they should be treated and go through specific handling processes. 

Chemicals or Hazardous Liquid

It’s important to know that your skip bin for household waste can’t be used to store hazardous waste. This is because the items that can be classified as hazardous waste are highly sensitive and must follow certain requirements. If you want to dispose of dangerous liquids and chemicals, you can hire a licensed contractor.

Fire Extinguishers

Because of the potential danger fire extinguishers can cause, it is not allowed to dispose of these in your skip bin. You can bring them to your local Fire and Rescue Stations instead.


Since batteries contain dangerous materials, such as lead and acid, there are designated drop off days you can dispose of them. You only need to view the calendar and find the drop off centres. 

Oil Heaters

These heaters contain hazardous components, which is also why they can’t be placed in skip bins. What you can do instead is to take them to council facilities during hazardous waste drop off days throughout the year. 


Mattresses that don’t have springs are not allowed to be disposed of in the skip bin. However, those with spring will come with an extra charge because they require special treatment at processing facilities. 

Fibro Cement Sheeting & Fibreglass Roof Sheeting

It’s likely that fibro contains asbestos, which is why it can’t be placed in skip bins. On the other hand, fibro cement must be handled by licensed asbestos contractors and recycled at licensed facilities only. 

Gas Bottles or any Pressurised Cylinder

Gas bottles are hazardous and they can’t be placed in skip bins or landfills. Instead, they should be collected separately for recycling. This is because gas cylinders can be refilled several times or recycled.

Other items that are not allowed in skip bins are: 

  • Human or animals waste
  • Medical waste
  • Vehicle tyres
  • Polystyrene & coolite

The Bottomline

Although you may think your rubbish removal bin will take everything, there are some items that can’t be thrown inside it. It’s important to know what can and cannot be disposed of to keep your surroundings clean and safe.

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