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Things You Need to Know If You’re Planning to Get a Skip Bin

Responsible waste disposal should be a community effort worldwide. In Australia, the government takes this seriously. If you wish to get a skip bin for your rubbish, there are certain rules you need to keep in mind and follow. 

For example, you’d require a local council permit to place your skip bin on the curb or street outside your property. The details of getting a permit vary from council to council, and you’d need to contact local authorities for them.

Here is some other important information you need to know before getting a skip bin:

General Rules Regarding Skip Bins

Before obtaining a skip bin, you must know the general laws surrounding the service so that you can do your part in responsible waste disposal. Most local councils have the authority to legally remove any bins that are encroaching onto a road and obstructing its use. 

They can also impose fines on anyone who fails to acquire a permit for using a skip bin or if they don’t meet the Codes of Practice. Lastly, if you overfill a skip bin to the point that you’ve got rubbish littering the streets, authorities can fine you up to $7,500. Anyone transporting overloaded bins faces the risk of receiving heavy fines and demerits.

Placement Policies for Skip Bins

The Australian government also has rules regarding the placement of skip bins. Firstly, they must never get in the way of traffic, pedestrians, or delivery vehicles. Second, they cannot be placed over walls. They shouldn’t obscure motorists’ view of the road nor position them in areas that accommodate high volumes of pedestrians and vehicle traffic.

Lastly, skip bins must not obstruct the public’s access to utilities, such as power poles, traffic lights, hydrants, and the like. Whether you’re a business owner or a resident, local councils could also require that you place flashing lights or reflective tape around your bins to prevent accidents.

Guidelines for Choosing a Location for Skip Bins

When looking for a location for your skip bin, you must ensure that there aren’t any low hanging tree branches or nearby power lines. Any of these obstructions can get in the way of the delivery and placement of your skip bin. You also need to make sure the area can be covered by a tarp or any material to prevent the concrete from getting scuff marks.

In addition, make sure the area is easily accessible at all times and that it can’t be closed off by any external obstructions like a parked car. If you’re going to place your bin on your lawn, you can opt to lay down some wooden boards or planks to keep it off the grass.


Skip bins are convenient if you’ve got a bunch of rubbish that needs disposing of. Part of participating in responsible waste disposal is by being aware of the rules and regulations in your community and taking the measures to follow them. It ensures that the community is safe from any potential obstructions or hazards.

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