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Effective Ways to Handle Heavy Waste in Your Skip Bins

Cleaning or organising your property can be more challenging and time-consuming with excessively large items. These typically include things that are not accepted in your council bins. 

Some items are just a pain to handle and properly dispose of, from old appliances to desks. This is why skip bins have become more and more popular among homeowners and property managers. 

Skip containers make it easier for you to dispose of your waste, even if they seem too big for the bin! They come in a broad selection of sizes and features to suit your waste management needs. 

Take note of our following tips to sort this situation out and help you save time and energy if you’re struggling to get rid of oversized items.

Break Down Waste Items

As with any effective waste disposal and management, it’s best to identify waste that can be broken down into smaller pieces. Doing this is especially useful if you are working with old pieces of furniture. Try to separate their components from having more space in your skip bin. 

For example, if you force an entire bed frame into the container, you may be left with little to no room for your other waste. Consider sections of this furniture that can be broken down to have more space for everything you need to dispose of. 

Remember to follow safety precautions to avoid hurting yourself or others with sharp edges or other smaller pieces whenever doing this process. 

Pick a Skip Bin with a Drop-Down Door

Many skip bin services offer bins that come with drop-down doors. This feature means that there is no need for you to lift an enormous item over the rim of the bin. You can just roll the waste into this container with a trolley or a wheelbarrow. 

This bin option lets you save time and effort on manually lifting massive objects. 

Put the Heaviest Items First

We also recommend stacking your waste in the bin from heaviest to lightest. This method will allow you to make the most out of the space inside the skip bin. So, place the heaviest items first, followed by much lighter ones.

Placing the heavy objects at the bottom also ensures that your skip bin can be easily transported, and the huge items have freed up air space once they sink. In addition, you do not want these large items to overflow your bin, which can happen when you choose to place them last instead. Following our suggested stacking will help you work around the overall bulk of bin content.


As long as you follow the tips mentioned above, it will be a lot easier for you to dispose of large wastes with your skip bins. It’s best to employ the help of a reliable skip bin service that can offer you a wide range of options. A good company will promptly ensure that your specific waste disposal needs are met. Whether you are cleaning up your shed, yard, and room or undergoing a major house renovation, skip bins that can accommodate substantial waste items will benefit you.

If you require skip bins on the Sunshine Coast, turn to Skip Bin Solutions. We are a family-owned business focused on environmental recycling and responsible waste disposal. Contact us today!

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