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Skip Bins: Why Are They Efficient for Waste Disposal?

Residences and businesses have many daily tasks. Among them is rubbish removal and management. And it can get tedious and problematic from time to time. Skip bins have become one of the most effective tools for these waste disposal issues.

If you’ve never used a skip bin before: it is a convenient waste bin hire service that will save you time, effort, and space. Proceed onwards for a short discussion on how they work and what they could do for you.

Guidelines for the Proper Use of a Skip Bin

Skip bins can be used for waste disposal, clearing properties of junk and debris, and sending off unusable waste materials from your property. Upon hiring one, a team will deliver it to your specified location and return to pick them up when they’re ready for complete disposal.

Just like proper waste management, skip bins also involve the following general reminders:

  • Before hiring a skip bin service, determine the amount of waste your household or business generates. Australian health and safety regulations do not permit overfilled skip bins. Overloading is illegal and dangerous for waste disposal professionals. Most do not accept bins beyond their total capacity, so bear this in mind.
  • To prevent overloading, make sure to fit your waste material inside properly to maximise all the space. Group first and pack according to the size, weight, and shape so that you’re not wasting any room.
  • Organise your waste and don’t mix them. This will help you sort them out for proper storage in each bin. It helps get the most out of the space so you can get rid of all your rubbish out in one go.
  • The following hazardous items will endanger waste disposal professionals and the environment and are not accepted: asbestos, batteries, car tyres, chemicals, flammable liquids, and paint. Please dispose of them properly at local specialised areas at designated waste transfer stations.
  • The following are the types of general waste bin hire services we accept:
    • Cleanfill Wastes – Clay, gravel, rock, and soil rubbish from construction.
    • Concrete Wastes – Debris from demolitions and construction.
    • General Waste – Regular rubbish from most residences and businesses.
    • Green Waste – Environmental waste from wood, plants, and soil.
    • House CleanUps – Rubbish collected from cleaning houses.
    • Landscaping Waste – Soil, rock, and some vegetation waste.
    • Shed Clean Ups – House shed storage rubbish from cleaning out sheds.

Hire a Skip Bin Today

Disposing all waste and rubbish from a property, home, or business space should be more straightforward and hassle-free. It should also be convenient. That means the service should be available when you need it.

These are the vast differences between your typical waste disposal and our general waste bin for hire. Get a skip bin today and know the difference! Skip Bin Solutions is a family-owned business located on the Sunshine Coast.

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