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A Quick Guide for DIY Land Clearing for Beginners

Many people have land but often do not have time to clear the land themselves. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of clearing your land, don’t worry because there are plenty of simple but effective DIY methods that you can use to clear your land and make it look great.

Have a Plan

If you are not going to clear the whole of your land at once, make sure that you have a plan of action. It’s not a good idea to clear an area of land if it’s surrounded by woodland as it is important to maintain the wildlife, and it can be hard to retain trees for this reason, so you can’t just clear the land. Make sure that you clear the land in a logical order and start from areas that you can see from your house.

Organise Machines & Missing Equipment

You will need a good machine to clear your land. There are many different kinds of machines to choose from, such as chainsaws, log splitters and ladders, but you will have to organise these machines in advance if you want to clear your land in one continuous day.

You should also have safety equipment such as ear and eye protection to work safely. 

Take Down Trees

A lot of land is covered in trees, so you’ll want to make sure that you clear these first. Tear down any trees that are dead or not looking healthy. The branches are easier to remove once the tree is down, and you can use a chainsaw or a log splitter to break down the logs.

Eliminate Tree Stumps

If the tree has left a stump, you’ll need to remove it using a chainsaw or a log splitter. If this is a large stump, you should consider hiring a stump grinder if you can’t manage to remove it yourself.

Have a Full Clean Out of the Area

It’s important that you thoroughly clean all of the previously cleared areas to make sure that you get rid of all of the debris, and then you can move on to the next section.

You should remove any bushes, brambles and other plants growing on your land. You can dig them out or cut them down with a chainsaw. If you leave any plants growing on your land, you’ll find it harder to keep the land clear.

Excavate Topsoil

Before you can plant new trees or other plants, you’ll need to excavate the topsoil. The topsoil is the top layer of your land where the vegetation grows, so you should dig it out with a backhoe or a mini digger.

Dispose of Garden Waste & Excess Soil

You should remove all of the garden waste and excess soil to make room for the new plants. You can put the garden waste in the skip or bury it in a compost heap. As for the soil, you can fill in holes and plant your new plants on top of it.


There are many different ways to clear your land, but these methods should get you started. And when going the DIY land clearing route, ensure you have the right tools and equipment with you, including a top-quality skip bin.

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