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3 Cost-Effective Ways to Dispose of Your Garden Waste

Garden waste can be a bit costly to remove. But what are you supposed to do when you have a pile of garden waste just lying around on your lawn? Well, you can still make use of your garden waste. That way, you can save money and solve your garden waste problem.

1. Cut Up the Wood and Use It for Fires

Firewood is quite expensive to buy. So why not use your garden waste to get free firewood? The most efficient way to get free firewood is to use your garden waste for firewood. You may be thinking, how can garden waste be good for firewood? But it is! Garden waste is quite good for use as firewood. It’s got a much higher BTU output than normal firewood (BTU is the amount of heat the wood releases when burned).

There might be a catch, though – your firewood will have a strong woody smell. So if you have a firewood burner inside your home, you might need to use a filter or a fan to help remove the smell. There are other ways to deal with the smell, such as using a wood-burning stove with an air filter or something like an air purifier.

2. Try Composting

If you have a composting bin set up in your garden, you can add the garden waste to it. Vegetable and fruit waste is the best type of garden waste to compost. As garden waste decomposes in the compost bin, you will be left with bits of organic matter, which you can then use to make compost for your plants.

If you don’t have a compost bin, you can still use your garden waste by composting it in a heap. Make sure you have a garden trowel and a hoe. Mix the garden waste with dry leaves, grass cuttings, cardboard and other organic material. Make sure the material is equally mixed and make a heap of it. Cover the heap with boards or old newspaper to keep it from coming in contact with the soil. Let the heap stay for a month or so. Once the heap has decomposed, you can use it to make compost for your plants.

3. Create Mulch for Your Lawn

If you have too much garden waste and don’t have a compost bin to put it in, a good way to put it to good use is to use it as mulch. You can create mulch by adding your garden waste to the soil. The woody smell of the garden waste will not be as strong when it’s used as mulch. But there will still be a woody smell. You can reduce the woody smell by adding compost to the mulch.

Final Thoughts

Garden waste can be a problem. But it can also be something you can use to your advantage. With these three ways to use your garden waste, you can easily make use of your garden waste and get some cool benefits out of it. You’re not just using garden waste to solve your garden waste problem. You’re also using it to get free firewood, free compost, and to create a more pleasant smelling enclosed environment in your home.

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