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What Makes Green Waste Removal a Crucial Part of Life?

There are several ways to dispose of waste worldwide, but the prevailing one—at least in Australia—is through landfills. Unfortunately, even if people know it’s not good for the environment, it just keeps happening. Things get particularly touchy when taken into account that landfills are also continuously costly. Now more than ever, responsible waste disposal is crucial, mainly green waste removal.

Green Waste Removal

The biggest culprit of overflowing landfills is food waste, especially since 7.3 million tonnes are generated annually. This figure was amongst several released by the Federal Government. Green waste removal refers to “green” waste or waste that is organic/biodegradable. During a general house clean-up, a lot of that is generated. Aside from food waste, this includes (but is not limited to):

  • Bark
  • Branches
  • Grass clippings
  • Palm trees and branches
  • Shrub clippings
  • Weeds
  • Wood
  • Woodchips
  • Yard clippings

When it ends up in landfills instead of proper disposal, green waste contributes to leachate, greenhouse gas and pollution. Many benefits come with green waste being recycled, such as:

Green Waste Removal Allows Harmony with the City Council

Backyard green waste disposal and garden waste removal are both highly regulated by the City Council. The guidelines they have in place are non-negotiable; green waste removal is highly encouraged. There are spot fines in place for incidents that involve littering the area with rubbish or leading your green council bin to overflow.

Green Waste Removal Is a Great Upgrade to Quality of Life

As previously mentioned, green waste goes beyond food. Literal green waste such as leaves and grass are also part of this. When left around in piles, the quality of life of the people living or working on that property will be compromised. This is partly due to the kind of animals usually drawn in, like bugs, mosquitoes and snakes, to name a few. Aside from the quality of life and health issues, the very structure of the property and home overall is also put at risk. Green waste removal can mean the difference between safety and hazardous disaster.

Green Waste Removal Works Wonders for the Environment

Green waste that’s placed in skip bins on the Sunshine Coast is ground into mulch and made available to locals to reintroduce to the environment. Green waste removal is a significant step in ensuring a better future for humankind in terms of the environment, yes, but it’s also a great gift to the earth as a whole. 


Waste disposal is crucial for the environment, but more so when it comes to the organic or biodegradable kind such as food waste. This is where green waste removal comes in, letting such waste end up in composts instead of filling up landfills. Advantages of green waste removal include benefits for the environment, harmony with the City Council and upgrading the quality of life.

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